Frequently Asked Questions

Why get a photo booth?

A photo booth is a fantastic way to capture all the fun of your event.  Where else can you go behind a curtain with someone, act silly or serious, and capture that moment instantly? Your guests will get print outs of their photos and you'll get a digital copy of it all.  Guests love to have fun and a great photo booth takes your event to the next level. 

Why use Basin Photo Booth?

Our approach is simple and straightforward.  We avoid elaborate pricing schemes and complex options. That means you can know up front that you are getting the best pricing and that more of your guests will get to use the photo booth. It's simple to book.  We offer pre-customization on instantly printed photos. Our personnel are friendly, professional, and extremely reliable. We only use high quality digital equipment and studio-style lighting. 

Is the photo booth easy to operate?

Absolutely! With touchscreen interaction, all your guests have to do is tap the "start" button.  The screen will show a countdown timer and take 3 pictures 7 seconds apart. Afterwards, they will exit, collect their photo prints, laugh, and most likely get in line again.

What comes with the photo booth?

We provide different curtain backdrops, a variety of props, and unlimited prints. We also provide a professional attendant for the event who will make sure everything runs smoothly and that you never run out of supplies.

Will the photos include some type of text?

Yes.  We will work with you before your event on the print options.  You can choose colors, layouts, and other options.  All our prints are 4"x6" full color, double strip prints.  The digital copy you receive at the end of the event contains the raw images from the camera as well as the print layout images.  

Is it an enclosed or open photo booth? How many people fit?

We proudly provide a fully enclosed booth. That level of privacy means people can act as crazy as they want without worrying about what the people in line are thinking. This adds to the fun and spontaneity of the booth.  The curtain back and sides mean several people can squeeze in. (The current record is 9 adults!)

Can I upload pictures to my social media sites?

Yes! Once you receive the digital copy of your photos at the end of the event, you are free to post, share, reprint, and do whatever you want with them.  Your guests are also welcome to take pictures in the photo booth using their own device and post instantly to social media. Our simple process allows more guests to move through the line quickly and get an actual printed momento instantly. It's much more fun for everyone that way!

Will you post my guests' pictures on your website?

  We'd love to use some of your photos on our web site and social media pages, but we understand your privacy. We avoid using your last name, any personal identifiers, pictures of children or babies, and any inappropriate pictures. We also realize some clients want the photos from their event to remain private. So you may choose to opt out if you don’t want your photos used for promotional purposes. Simply make us aware of this and notate it in the contract.

What if we're having so much fun, we want to extend the rental?

That's no problem!  We can always add time during the event in 30 or 60 minute increments according to the same pricing posted on our website. We accept on-site credit/debit card payments, checks, or cash.  Please let us know at least 15 minutes before the end of the rental and have your method of payment ready to go.  

Does your hourly charge include time to set up and break down?

We do not charge for set up or break down. which take about 45 min each.  The rental time you choose and pay for is the time the photo booth is open and running.  So if you choose a 4 hr rental, the photo booth will open and available to your guests for the full four hours.

Do you ever run specials or offer discounts?

Our pricing is very competitive for the Permian Basin.  We offer several add-ons and customization for free. Since our prices are already so low, we consider them special already! We do offer a 10% discount for repeat customers as well as a $50 discount for non-profit organizations.

How do I book?

When you're ready to book, all we need is an email address.  We will send you a booking email containing the following:

  1. A link to our intake form to gather some basic info about your event; 
  2. A link to a secure PayPal invoice. We require a min. $150 deposit to secure a spot on our calendar.  The deposit is applied toward your balance.  You can provide payment with a credit/debit card, e-check, or with a PayPal account. 
  3. A contract for you to review and sign.